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What is a Mediator? 

Conflicts between business partners, employees and bosses or customers and business owners can all result in lengthy court appearances that could end in serious bills for all parties involved. One way to resolve those potentially costly conflicts without having to resort to lawsuits is through someone who specializes in conflict resolution – a professional mediator.

 If both opposing sides agree, a mediator can be employed to hear the details of the conflict and provide a resolution to the situation and while this method isn’t free it is usually much faster and far less expensive than going through an entire trial to get an issue resolved. Provided that a dispute doesn’t involve criminal matters a mediator can usually bring about a satisfactory solution for all parties involved that is legally binding but easier on the wallet and the calendar than the traditional legal alternatives. 

What Is Utah Ray Harding Mediation?

Utah Ray Harding Mediation is a binding meeting process that happens between two parties who are at odds. The mediator is most often an attorney who can help the two sides come to an agreement without the intervention of a court.

Mediation can be required by employer contracts for disputes. Mediation may be ordered by the court during a lawsuit, and mediation must be done during divorce or separation proceedings.

Mediation is a process that helps both sides come to a conclusion they prefer without spending a great deal of money on attorneys and courtroom appearances. Often, a situation can be kept civil when a mediator gets involved.